FAQ about personal buyer / shopper services


How to make an order?
You can place a pre-order through the form on the home page or contact us by the WhatsApp/Viber + 1-347-7052636 (Julia) to discuss the details. Please take into consideration our time zone, we are in New York.

Do the prices of goods in Instagram.com/usapost include delivery?
No, it has the final price of goods without shipping costs. In order to calculate the shipping we need to know your region, exact weight of your packed parcel and selected shipping method.
What shipping methods are available?
Any methods that provide shipment from the USA to your country. We ship all over the world. The cheapest way is by sea, the most expensive is express courier delivery services, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and others. We work with any of them, and can recommend you the best way that fits your needs.

Online store doesn’t accept my credit card / doesn’t ship to my mail forwarder address. Can you buy the item for me?
Yes, we can do it. We charge a fee 5% to 15 % depending on the order price. Then, we can ship your order directly to your country or to the specified address in the USA.

Can you organize the wholesale deliveries? What goods do you work with?
Yes, we can organize wholesale deliveries at special prices and will provide assistance with customs clearance if needed. All kind of goods.

Is it necessary to pay in advance? Can I pay by cash on delivery?
For new clients only 100% prepayment, for the repeated clients there is possibility of a partial payment as agreed, COD is not accepted.

I am going to make several orders and want to get them all in one package. How is it better to pay for them?
As you wish. You may pay for each order separately and just before sending pay the shipping charge. Or you may transfer the amount covering all the planned expenses at the same time. After shipping we will calculate the final amount and refund the remaining money.

I want to pack my parcel in certain way – get rid of extra boxes, remove the price tags, etc.
We will do it for you, free of charge.

What guarantees do you give?
– We can guarantee that we’ll observe all agreements, do our best to make a purchase, pack and ship your parcel; carry out calculations accurately. After the parcel is shipped, it is out of our control, and since then it’s in the hands of the carrier. The good news is that statistically, everything, except iPhones and other expensive devices, that are notorious “disappearing” sometimes, successfully reaches the customers. Therefore, first of all it is possible to insure the parcel for the full value. Also, we can securely pack expensive gadgets in such a way that any damage to the packaging will be too noticeable, and this is substantially reduces the possibility of theft.
Be careful, beware of fraud. Do not transfer money, without contacting us over the phone.

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